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Julie Kersting
Portrait Artist and Illustrator

Born in New Hampshire, she lived in New Jersey for a time and now resides in Massachusetts with her husband and children.

She has been commissioned for portraits, book covers, set designs, comic books, theatrical posters, and public murals. Her mediums are primarily oil paint and graphite, but she also uses charcoal, candle wax, acrylics, watercolour, photography, clay, yarn, wire, wood, and plastic.

Previous artistic wanderings include:

Working as the artistic director for the e-zine "Tower of Ivory" from 2000-2003.

In 2003 she premiered with a showing of her illustrations for Joey Sampson’s retelling of Yeats’ The Stolen Child.

She illustrated the cover for the book, "Charming the Moon," written by her sister, Emily C.A. Snyder.

Her 2005 rendering of Pope John Paul II accompanied the Monstrance he blessed in a tour of the Archdiocese of Boston in 2006. The painting has been reproduced by the Marlborough Knights of Columbus as prayer cards for a call to vocations.

The Hosmer House in Sudbury Massachusetts hosted some of her works during its July 4th exhibition in 2006. It included “Italian Aria” and “Into Perspective.”

In 2008 she presented illustrations for her short story, Whispers of the Sea. Combined with the artwork for the story was an audio dramatization that was played throughout the show in the Mazmanian Gallery. This was in an attempt to bring to life what is usually found only on the page.

2009 her stop-motion animated short, "On the Cutting Room Floor," premiered at the Film Festival, "Something Off Pudding."

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