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Julie Kersting
Portrait Artist and Illustrator

What are your prices?

They vary depending on the size of the project, the number of subjects (people) in the project, and the medium used.
Go to Prices for more details.

How should I pay?

I prefer Paypal. Half the amount is paid upon the commission agreement and the second half when the work is delivered or picked up. If necessary, I accept personal checks.

When will it be done?

When it is finished, as Michelangelo said. It all depends on the complexity of the image, the medium being used, other commissions that I'm working on, and if there is a desired date of completion (such as for a wedding or baby shower).

Do you frame?

Sorry, but no.

What kind of image should I send you?

If you do not have a digital image (between 600-1200 pixels), then I will accept a hard copy or original to be returned at the time of completion. No offensive, pornographic, or violent images will be considered.

Do you do reproductions, prints, or sales of other commissions?

In plain, no, not at the moment. Unless I've been given permission, I do not distribute to anyone other than the buyer. All images on the website are here by permission. If I have sold a piece that was not commissioned, then I retain all rights to sell reproductions or prints.

May I, the buyer, reproduce, print, or sell a work for which I commissioned you?

You may sell the work you commissioned from me, however, unless we make a contractual agreement that all artistic rights are sold to you, you may not sell reproductions or prints.

Using my art: If you are a a business or corporation seeking reproduction or publication rights to my art, please contact me by email. I will be happy to help.

Blog Use: Images of my work may be used on " blogs" or on other on-line articles only if the following credit legibly appears next to the image;

"Artwork: Julie A. Kersting, all rights reserved www.juliekersting.net"

Copy/paste the above credit line underneath the art image. The link to my web site must be active.

Personal uses, please read below:

Most of my work takes weeks or months to complete. My livelyhood is gained in part by the income generated from the sale of reproduction and publication rights to my art. Allowing free use of my work can compromise its value to a prospective client or make it unsalable. Because of this I very much regret that I can not grant free use of my art.

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